Tuesday 24 July 2012

Business Morale Drops Effecting Advertising Spend

As business confidence deteriorates as marketing spend falls, the IPA Bellwether released a report on Thursday 12th July based upon 300 British companies, they estimated that marketing spend fell the second quarter of this year with 23 percent of companies reporting a budget reduction. However 22 percent of firms surveyed increased their spending with internet advertising bucking the trend, especially in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) with an approximate increase of 8 percent month on month, other Online Marketing such as Web Design, Pay Per Click and App Development saw an increase of some 5.4 percent, in an attempt to attract frugal customers.
The increase spending on Online Marketing has been cited by the IPA as “A means to quickly grow sales, especially in a downturn when customers are particularly cost-conscious.”
Chris Williamson, who wrote the report, said “An upturn in business optimism could soon feed through to higher marketing spend,” and “the Olympics should of course provide a boost during the third quarter”.
However the reality is that most companies have come to the realisation that advertising in the magazines, newspapers, or on the Television and or radio does not attract anyway nears as much custom as ‘target marketing’ such as the likes of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Pay Per Click, where instead of relying on 1 hit in every 100 per advert, the customer finds what they are after on the Search Engines for Keywords (the name of the product and or services), therefore a much higher proportion of people coming to a website actual want that product. The real benefits to companies are that SEO is in fact far cheaper than any other form of advertising and the results speak for themselves!
The Pros and Cons:
Though internet marketing is on the increase so are cowboy SEO Companies, if you do decided to go ahead with Search Engine Optimisation it is imperative that you check out a company’s abilities and client base before proceeding with their service, as you could run the risk of being completely de-indexed from every search engine, cheep is not always cheerful!
So when looking for a genuine SEO Company with over 15 years experience and a 100 percent track record it can be very tough, there are very few around like that of Kd Web.

Tuesday 8 May 2012


We would all like to improve our website rankings on search engines, launch an online advertising campaign, achieve the online presence we have all been striving for, and convert visitors to our website into paying and returning customers.
The world of Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click advertising, though can and will help you achieve all of the above, is rather deceptive. Although many of the basic concepts are simple, the level of knowledge needed to achieve outstanding results is almost beyond all but the most dedicated Search EngineOptimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) professionals.
So do you need PPC or SEO?? Well in fact 9 times out of 10, you will need both! If you are in the process of marketing your website for the first time, starting a campaign for the new products and services you have to offer... then either service will work effectively by themselves, but when utilised together, will have twice if not three times the impact. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for example can take months or even years in order for your keywords/keyphrases to get ranked on the first pages of search engines where as Pay Per Click (PPC) is an instant fix, the difference being is the second you stop your PPC campaign your website will be nowhere to be found, unlike the organic/ethical growth from SEO marketing. In short both should be applied.
While SEO and PPC maybe approached in many different ways, you will be sacrificing traffic if you aren’t targeting customers in both areas!
The end result being a more successful search strategy, and when managed correctly will inevitably increase your; visibility, help determine what works best for each campaign, create double the amount of data to analyse and help linking specific product pages to PPC ads. This is a great way to give your existing e-commerce efforts a boost.

The Importance of Free Mobile Applications, There Impact, Advertising & Engagement

MobileApps are becoming an ever increasing business and a must have accessory for a plethora of companies. Approximately 1 in 3 applications are ad-supported, freeversions. Developers are no longer monetising apps only by selling them.  They are now increasingly focused on app engagement.  This shift maps directly to consumer preference.  According to previous studies 95% of the adult population who owns a Smartphone prefers to download free apps. Even affluent consumers share this preference.
As developers continue to adopt ad-supported models for their apps, they will increasingly value engagement metrics. They can measure app engagement in a variety of ways: 

Number of minutes per session 
Number of users who update their app's
How many times an app has been referred to a friend

Each of these engagement metrics can directly affect monetisation which ultimately determines whether or not a developer can keep a free version of their application on the market.
So, what are some of the ways an app developer can improve upon and monetise app engagement?
On-boarding experience. New users are a critical revenue stream for developers, however the majority do a poor job of engaging users after apps are downloaded. According to analytics firm Localytics, 26% of all apps downloaded in 2010 were only used once. It sounds simple, but an app should do what it is supposed to do and do it well. Keep in mind, the new user is judging whether this app is engaging right off the bat. 
Keepexisting users engaged. You must build a good relationship by providing the best possible user experience.  Great App Developers keep in mind that the majority of users are operating a device that has a small touchscreen. The user interface needs to be as unobtrusive as possible.  The focus on a good user experience also extends to the advertising shown to support the app. Understanding how a user interacts with an app will determine the best placement for an ad.  
Ultimately, the aim is to delight. That is, to understand what your users want and exceed their expectations. The Angry Birds app, for example, is simple, yet delivers a highly immersive experience that is comparable (if not richer) to the website experience. As the user navigates through the app, he or she can download music, discover similar games and so on.

The paiddownload isn’t the only path to happiness. Even the smallest detail can be unexpectedly delightful and improve engagement.  More engagement means more advertising Pounds. More revenue means developers can keep their apps free and increase downloads. And, in this economy, saving a pound or two courtesy of your favourite mobile app can be downright delightful.

What impact does Video Seeding & Video SEO Have?

Video SEO/Video Seeding on the web is a relatively new marketing phenomenon. It's an innovative way to get brand videos viewed by users on video sites, blogs and social networks, but the best thing of all is that your products and services are 50 times more likely to appear on the first pages of search results just by having a Video. 
Video seeding relies on a combination of digital PR, on-site and word-of-mouth marketing to get videos viewed on YouTube and other video sites where the fight for attention is fierce. 
A great video isn’t enough just to get your word out there, we see some fantastic videos on the internet that just don’t get the views and engagements that they deserve, the audience is out there but just haven’t been made aware. 
People assume that viral video’s just happen, that if an agency did everything right with the creative and content the video should receive many views, however, if there is not enough marketing support you will be lucky to get even a hand full of people to view.
Videoseeding/SEO must not be used as an isolated marketing activity; instead it should be integrated with other elements of a marketing campaign. One type of marketing effort shouldn't be carrying all of the weight, integration is key!
Whyuse video seeding? Advertisers have a responsibility to make their digital content available in as many places as possible to be consumed by their audience. Social networks are the best places for users to consume video-based media. In this environment, it's easy to watch, comment, share, tag and republish video on other outlets, so you have this incredible extrapolation effect that's not possible with print, TV or radio. When was the last time you ripped an ad out of a magazine and sent it to a friend? With a click of a mouse, you can send a video on YouTube to your friend and comment on it. That's a very powerful opportunity brands can take advantage of.

Why Stopping Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Could be Detrimental to your Companies Health!

Search results aren’t static. They change and fluctuate over time. You can gain or lose rankings as your posts become more or less valuable over time. Let’s say you have a popular blog post that ranks highly for a long-tail keyphrase. But over time, you stop adding to that post or linking to it from other new posts, other people stop linking to it as well. It becomes buried and forgotten. That post will lose its individual ranking. Search results aren’t static; they change and fluctuate over time, you can gain or lose rankings as your posts become more or less valuable over time. Let’s say you have a popular blog post that ranks highly for a long-tail keyphrase. But over time, you stop adding to that post or linking to it from other new posts, other people stop linking to it as well. It becomes buried and forgotten, that post will lose its individual ranking, of course there are ways to make sure this doesn’t happen. But it’s just a matter of time before this naturally happens if you stop working consistently at it.
Till now a number of articles have been written on why SEO is so important. The majority of business owners now know what SEO is and why they need it. However a number of individuals are not so sure SEO is going to work for them or if it will turn out to be a waste of time and money. I would recommend they take some valuable time to see how their competitors are faring in the rankings and how their sales are stacking up, and all because of the wonderful SEO service they are using.
Another thing I see frequently is companies often while using an SEO provider, decided to suddenly stop or cut back on their campaign, obviously after having had a good response form that service, and their website has achieved position 1 rankings in the search engines for its keywords/key-phrases, their website is understandably receiving substantial traffic; however that does not mean they don’t require any further SEO, in fact this is usually the time companies and website owners make that costly mistake. SEO takes time and a lot of effort to work. Companies who stop or cut back on their SEO service once they start receiving there desired results don't necessarily consider the dangers of losing ranking over the coming months and or realise that the efforts to get them back up the rankings will not only cost them more time and money but many months of lost business and revenues, subsequently due to competition, SEO has become and will continue to be a constant process, it is like growing up, there are always  challenges but there are lessons to be learned along the way, there is no reason to resist it, just accept it and embrace them.

Digital Design Agency

KD Web is an independent young and dynamic Digital Design Agency. We pride ourselves in combining design and technical expertise to create high quality, intelligent and user-friendly products and services purely designed and tailored to increase your exposure and profits. We are all about helping your company succeed online!
Our team consists of exceptionally dedicated and highly skilled, project managers, creative’s, graphic designers, developers, digital programmers, web analysts and online media marketing experts, some of whom have been with us since the company was founded some 15 years ago, and a high proportion of our staff have a long association with us too.
There are plenty of Web Design/Digital Design and Internet MarketingCompanies in and around London and throughout the UK to choose from, however our hand selected team of highly qualified web designers, developers, graphic designers, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialists, Internet Marketing Gurus... certainly know what stands out from the rest of the crowd, hence why an array of nationally and internationally recognised brands install so much faith in us! KD Web is committed to the success of your website, your business and your overall satisfaction; – we know what it takes to succeed!
As the modern age of technology has transformed the way we live, interact, purchase goods...every business and organisation has had to turn to the internet as their window to the world, subsequently a website has become more than just an informative tool with a few pages, it has become your commercial platform, it takes more than just good looks and user-friendly functions, every part of your website must play a role. Visitors generally spend an average of 3 seconds on a web page before making the all important decision that your product(s) and or services are right for them, our web designers and graphic designers know exactly how to create the greatest visual impact within these 3 seconds to turn curious visitors into loyal customers...
As fewer companies spend money on Television, newspaper, poster... ads, Digital Design Agencies have had to evolve in to advertising agencies, creating a website isn’t just about creating a website, it is about driving your products forward into the eyes of your target market, this can be done in a multitude of ways, utilising many Internet Marketing, Social and Search websites and networks.
Always remember the best web development starts with a plan!
Our online marketing team based in London will help you find your niche and dominate your market, through our targeted Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social Media Marketing campaign.