Tuesday 8 May 2012

What impact does Video Seeding & Video SEO Have?

Video SEO/Video Seeding on the web is a relatively new marketing phenomenon. It's an innovative way to get brand videos viewed by users on video sites, blogs and social networks, but the best thing of all is that your products and services are 50 times more likely to appear on the first pages of search results just by having a Video. 
Video seeding relies on a combination of digital PR, on-site and word-of-mouth marketing to get videos viewed on YouTube and other video sites where the fight for attention is fierce. 
A great video isn’t enough just to get your word out there, we see some fantastic videos on the internet that just don’t get the views and engagements that they deserve, the audience is out there but just haven’t been made aware. 
People assume that viral video’s just happen, that if an agency did everything right with the creative and content the video should receive many views, however, if there is not enough marketing support you will be lucky to get even a hand full of people to view.
Videoseeding/SEO must not be used as an isolated marketing activity; instead it should be integrated with other elements of a marketing campaign. One type of marketing effort shouldn't be carrying all of the weight, integration is key!
Whyuse video seeding? Advertisers have a responsibility to make their digital content available in as many places as possible to be consumed by their audience. Social networks are the best places for users to consume video-based media. In this environment, it's easy to watch, comment, share, tag and republish video on other outlets, so you have this incredible extrapolation effect that's not possible with print, TV or radio. When was the last time you ripped an ad out of a magazine and sent it to a friend? With a click of a mouse, you can send a video on YouTube to your friend and comment on it. That's a very powerful opportunity brands can take advantage of.